Saturday, January 21, 2012

A New Year

Like most people, I like a new beginning, a fresh start, a do over. January is always filled with the excitement of new projects, lists of to do's and a timeline to make them have done's. I never get to the end of the list but it is comforting to know I have a focus, a measurement, a constraint for my ADHDness. The list is made, the projects started. This year, however, I am purposing to follow God's lead and not my own. I am praying before instead of asking for blessing after. One noteable difference has been that Jesus seems to be leading me at a slower pace than I ever lead myself. I loved the excitement of the freefall, pellmell, forward moving steam engine rate of my former self, however the constant burning of fuel left the engine a little worse for wear.

It is a Saturday morning and I am still in robe with favorite coffee cup attached to left hand at 11am but I have had a morning of deep reflection, yawning moments of total relaxation while listening to the ping ping ping of dripping rain off golden roof filling watering can on porch-I love that sound. It is lovely to take the time. My plans for today? I am headed back to bed with another cup of Joe and my Bible to do devotions, then I will make a light lunch for my sick, sleeping husband, then I will be ready to tackle my sewing room to prepare for a liesurely afternoon of sewing tomorrow. The stress to complete as fast as I can and as much as I can is gone. Thank-you precious Savior. You have saved me from myself. Again.

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