Quilts 2014

1st finish January:  One Hundred Million and One
a quilt made by following Aiming for Accuracy Quilt Along by Michele Foster-pattern available on Craftsy

Front-made from scraps from San Diego Memories (Sept.2013)

Back made from a 100% cotton sheet
2nd Finish january:  Pieces + God = Whole

My niece, Tedi Thorne, got married to Jeff Plate on Jan. 4, 2014.  This is the quilt I made for their wedding that they will hopefully get by March 1.

A 16 patch neutral batik quilt

Tedi interested in opening a winery one day-so I quilted vines and grapes.

Finish #3  January  Handle That!

Small wall hanging, Kaffee Fassett, batik and hand dyed fabrics
 Finish #4 January  Petites Maisons Roses (Little pink cottages)

The Little Red Schoolhouses pattern reminded me of the cottages my friends, Chris, June and Karen saw on our train trip from Paris to Versailles in 2008

Finish #5  February   "Tardy Turtle"

Finish #6  Enchanted Autumn-pattern by Vintage Spools' Verna Mosquera

I didn't sew the whole quilt.  I prepped many of the blocks, organized the making of it, sewed the squirrel block and sewed the quilt together when all the blocks came back. Back Country Quilters Opportunity Quilt for 2014.

Enchanted Autumn
Finish #7 March  Baby Quilt for Tea With Thee raffle basket to raise money for pregnancy center

Finish #8 March  T shirt quilt-commissioned work

Picture taken before binding which was the same B&W of sashing

Finish # 9 April    Purple Maze

A Pattern out of Kathy Doughty's book "Making Quilts" called "Red Center".  This is for our Queen bed and comes just over the dust ruffle.  The colors are much richer than the photo.

94x94- over 1000 pieces
Finish #10 May   Falling Leaves

Finish #11  Harley Cow! June

In Celebration of our 45th anniversary

Cute farm backing

detail-I am the sheep, my husband the cow-or bull
Finish #12 "Lizzy"  July

Picture of Lizzy, 4-6 months old

Inktense pencils and threadpainting, 2"pinwheels and hourglasses  16x18 inches overall

 Finish#13 Last Blooms of Summer, August 2014

Finish#14  Makenna

Back made from blouse front

Finish #15  Star Gazing


Finish#16  Blue Baskets

Finish #17 Sweetpea

Finish #18  Baby Blanket for Oakley

Finish #19  Scenic

Finish # 20  Potty Training  (my first art quilt)

Finish#21  It's Complementary

Finish #22  Raspberry Sherbet- a prayer quilt for my friend's daughter, Robin

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Eutychus said...

I love your whimsical quilts the best. Harley Cow is my all time favorite. The love notes are the secret to 45 years of marriage. Jan