Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Patt Blair

I haven't taken a class at our guild all year.  They have had wonderful speakers and great classes, but I didn't want to start another project and I have been pretty busy with the class samples I have had to do.  however, i am going on a 4 day retreat with artist, Patt Blair, so thought it would be a good idea to take her class at our guild.  What a great day!  I had a blast. A totally right brain day.  We used paper napkins and paint medium, stamps, stencils and pens. What fun!

My mom passed 17 years ago this month.  This is a tribute to her memory.  The first time I have done a facing on a quilt.

 I also had a couple of UFO finishes-a baby quilt and a St Patrick's Day wall hanging:

Thursday, February 23, 2017

New Paint and Carpet!

I thought it would take a week but it ended up taking a month to take everything out of my 13x13 foot room, paint it, install new carpet and put things back in place-refolding all the fabric took awhile😧  I love my room and can tend to lock myself away in there.  The happiest place on earth.  My sweet husband was amazing and even though it is hard for him to do, he did the carpet installation himself and installed all new baseboards and the new blinds.  He also helped haul the multiple boxes of material and "stuff" out and then back in when we were done.  I love that man!

Fat quarters, strips,  Kaffe Fassett, B&W and kits
Right side of closet-Bonnie Hunter's scrap user system, bead s and tools.  The closet used to house all my crafting stuff and scrapbooking stamps, paper etc etc.  I saved some stamps for fabric and 1 shelf of scrapbooking stuff but everything else went.  Love that I can find everything.

Cutting station, work table, yardage, pattern books and my new favorite green Singer made in the 50's

My husband used to have all his stuff above the computer and stuffed under the table but now it is all Mine!  I used my Babylock for embroidery and quilting and keep it stored away in our old TV armoire.

A shoe holder repurposed for thread etc.  Everything is easy to find

There is a lot in the room but it is completely organized and I can find everything!  Love it!  Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Class Full

I was hoping for 5 or 6 ladies to join the Calendar Club Class but day before yesterday number 16 and 17 joined which added 2 additional kits.  Yikes.  So I only have a few more green border pieces to cut and I am done kitting.  I was hoping to have my sample quilted in time for class but making the kits has taken quite a bit of time.  I am pretty excited about the turnout and a couple of ladies have dropped by the house for extra help.  Our Lizzy loves the extra company.

12 kits almost ready

May Flowers

Have been loving the rain here in Ramona.  The hills are bright green and everything smells so clean except for our dog who still has a faint odor of the skunk she chased out of the yard.  Her first experience getting slightly sprayed. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Calendar Club

A lot has changed in the last year.  Cant believe it has been a year since posting last.

My friend that was almost killed in the accident last January is almost restored to good health.  Praise God!

Our house in Medford had a major hemmorage and the sewer line from house to street gave up the ghost after nearly 100 years.  Of course the insurance didn't cover it because it was outside the house, nor did it cover the hotel we had to house the renters for two weeks.

We are putting the Medford house on the market as soon as possible.

We took a long camping trip from Ramona to Washington and back last September-loved it!  Needed it!

Had our neighbor, Neal as a boarder for 9 mos. until he could move to Oregon to rejoin his family after his retirement.

Friend,  ken, moved in as a renter for 5 mos until he could feel comfortable in his new job.  He moved out into his own place in January.  We will remain empty nesters.

Started a monthly class called "The Calendar Club"  with several brand new quilters.  We have a new quilting space in Ramona called Sew Easy Studio.  Teachers rent the space for the day and hold classes.  We love it!

One thing hasn't changed:  God is good and His mercies endure forever!!
March Flimsey-working on hand sewing Freezer paper applique

April Flimsey is now quilted and crystal butterflies were sewed to points. This version is fused.

I realized my last post talked about Asilomar and the class with Susan Carlson.  Both were amazing.  Best time ever!  And this is the almost finished product of that class:


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Joy for Jackie

My friend who was in the near fatal accident in January has been flown back to San Diego and is continuing her recovery but it will be a long road.  I finished the top of her quilt "Joy for Jackie" and sent it to the quilter.  I won't be able to give it to her before I leave for Asilimar next week, but it will be quilted and bound before I get home.  She can finally have visitors so will go and see her before I leave-as well as my dear friend, Ginny who has a badly broken ankle.

There have been a few pregnancies in the counseling departments in our district so I have been working almost full time.  I do not like being quite so busy!  I will find out on Monday if a counselor at the schoolsite where I am currently working would like to work 4 days a week.  If so, I would work the 5th day every week.  That translates to 4 days a month at per Diem which equates to 15 days at sub pay.  I am praying!  Life would be much easier and I would be part of a team again-which I miss as a sub.
Lastly, I am headed to Assilimar for a class with Susan Carlson next week.  8 of us from Friendship Quilters are going and 3 of the 8 are in Susan's class.  I am pretty excited!

A 1908-1912 9W7 Singer Treadle that I just bought.  Ordered missing parts.  Cabinet is beautiful.  bad picture.
Getting Help from Bertha

Joy for Jackie  (Joy is embroidered in red in the middle of each yellow flower center)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Allietare Finished

Finally got the last border on and backing pieced to send to the quilter on Friday.

The border and the backing are both made out of a black and white Paris inspired fabric.  The friend that will receive it traveled with me to Paris and London 8 years ago for our birthdays.  I will definitely make this pattern again-just love it.  i didn't make the full size quilt-this was big enough for me:)

To see all the different interpretations of this awesome pattern from Bonnie Hunter go to   http://bit.ly/1NLMjtN

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Road to California and another prayer quilt

My hubby, my dog and I went to Quartzsite for 5 days.  While we were there I got news that my good friend, Jackie was in a serious accident while on vacation in Vermont.  She will be recovering for months so I am starting a prayer quilt for her.  I plan to get the borders on Allietare this week and send it to the quilter, then I will work in earnest on Jackie's quilt.

Road to California was wonderful.  Had such a good time with my good friend, Lisa.  Beautiful, beautiful Quilts.

These were in the hall as we entered-there must be a pattern or a class as they were all similar-loved the bottom ones especially.

This one best of show and rightly so.  It was stunning and I couldn't even start to think about how it was done.

This was a Kaffee Fasset booth.  I love the Rainbow Stripe quilt.  I have been collecting his stripes-better see how many more I need to make it!

Think I wish I had bought the throw kit:{

Always looking for heart quilts because of Greg's heart transplant-this would be an easy one-appliqued hearts and 4 patches.

Another simple yet striking quilt done in Kaffe Fassett materials-need to start using the rather large collection that I have of his fabrics.

Just very lovely, precise work
This was just beautiful.  It was a group project but an individual could get the same effect by using different techniques or have 5 people do 1 flimsy each, cut into 1/5ths and share so that each participant ends up with something like this-that would be fun!

I took pictures of this amazing quilt from 3 angles-this one was almost straight on.  Even the frame is fabric.  My favorite piece in the show

Friday, January 8, 2016

Allietare Flimsy

I can't believe I finished this so quickly.  I have about 10 quilts in process at any given time so It takes me awhile to get a finish.  However, I couldn't stop working on this one.  Love the pattern and will definitely do it again-probably in Christmas colors.

I still have to add the already cut gold skinny border and black scalloped border-but the hard part is done!

Gold and black borders and backing

Monday, January 4, 2016

Allietare Reveal

New Year's brought the Bonnie Hunter MQ reveal and I have to say, it is the prettiest so far.  I am amazed that some ladies have finished their full sized quilts.  I didn't know exactly how many pieces I would need so I made 1/2 as we went along and needed to make several more of each one.  Yesterday I got all pieces cut out and most units made that were needed and was able to start sewing the blocks together.  I really like this quilt and plan to make it again.

I am subbing the next 3 days so will have to leave it where it is right now.

To see what everyone else is doing click http://quiltville.blogspot.com/2016/01/mystery-monday-link-up-reveal.html

Monday, December 28, 2015

Alietare Update

We had a lovely Christmas.  We had already visited our grandgirls and son/DIL mid December so the two weeks before Christmas were spent making and delivering Deviled eggs to Greg's doctors and coordinating the blessing for the staff at our church then Christmas eve day we went to the Moby Dick movie and to church Christmas Eve.  The day of Christmas we FT with the kids, took out Christmas lunch bags for some of the homeless in our community then Greg played with his trains and watched old Christmas themed sitcoms while I sewed.  Just thoroughly enjoyed the day and the reason for it.

I am a little behind with Allietare, I have clues #1,2,3 done but only have 1/2 of #4 and a few of   #5.  Right now I am trying to finish Pies and Tarts which I have worked on incrementally over the last 3 years.  I have all the circles done (English paper piecing) and have all the large ones appliqued to the neutral squares.  Today I started sewing the rows together (I had done 3 already) and gluing on the small tarts on the intersections  of the neutral squares. I can start to applique tonight as i watch tv.  i am seeing an end in sight.  Allietare has become a leader and ender to Pies and Tarts.

Getting lots of help from Bertha.  You can see Celtic Solstice peeking out from under Pies and Tarts

All of large pieces done but only 6 or 8 of the others done.  I have substituted green for gray in my version
You can see how others are doing on Bonnie Hunter's Blog.