Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Stepping Stones in the Garden Preview

I have been on a Sabbatical.  The short term, full-time job wiped me out.  I have 2 days of subbing this week and then I think I may be done for awhile.  There is some stirring in the district about a new school venture and I was asked to be aware that there may be a need for some consulting work in the near future so I want to get as many of my projects done as possible.

I just got SSitG back from the binder.  My first green quilt.  I love it!  The quilter, Dawnell Muelke did a wonderful job and so did the binder, Marilyn Hersey.  It will go up in the shop in March and I will get a picture of it on the wall.

SSitG is an Irish Chain with a strip pieced border.  There are only 2 blocks: a double 4 patch and a 4 patch triangle added to a strip pieced triangle.  This ended up to be a full size quilt-didn't realize it was so big until all the blocks were done
My husband turned 70 this last weekend.  He does not look his age.  We went to a play, had 14 people in to play games and share Chinese food, had breakfast with some best friends and took him out to dinner last night-surf and turf.  I also made him this cake on Saturday and booked a train trip to Seattle as a surprise for him.  He was well birthdayed.

Chocolate cake, raspberry cream cheese filling, chocolate ganache (sp?) with a dark chocolate ribbon around the outside.  It was really good!


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Wow - you know how to celebrate birthdays! Enjoy your days sewing.

magnoliasntea said...

Hi Elaine!
I really love your Irish Chain quilt! The green is perfect and lovely.
The cake looks delicious.
We have power again - Yay for electricity! :)
Have a great day!