Monday, March 9, 2015

Sally Collins Workshop

Sally did a 2 day workshop for our guild and she was wonderful.  Even if you are not a fan of small scale, her techniques apply to all sizes.  Measure, Measure, Measure-I got it!  It really does make a difference.

The centers of these quilts are 7x7 inches.  Squares are 1/2 inch finished and the quilts are called "Circle of Stars"

This is 1/4' of the pattern done at 1" instead of 1/2" scale

Except for Susan who is using the 1/2 inch scale

Lots of thinking going on!

Really love the colors in this one-Cecelia's

Machelle had to change out all her fabrics-think she has a winner!

Sally sharing the importance of measuring after every seam.
 I didn't actually do the workshop, but I took lots of notes and can't wait to try her methods on a small piece.  Too many UFO's and too little time!

We have the line-up for next years workshops and I am excited:  Karen Brow, Norma Whaley, Catherine Wilson, Catherine Redford, David Taylor, Mary Lou Weidman and Pam Buda.  A good variety I think.  I met Catherine Redford at a mini retreat that I attended.  A cute little English lady with that awesome British Accent. After being charmed by her I found out : she teaches on criuses, will be teaching at Houston in October, has been raved about by Bonnie Hunter and has a new book out about using your walking foot in quilting.  She will be coming after Houston next Nov. and is really reasonable.  I signed her up for 3 classes as she has a large variety to choose from.

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