Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A prayer quilt for my friend

One of the other reasons I haven't kept up this blog was the loss of 3 friends starting last April.  A secretary in the counseling/admin office who I worked with for 11 years retired last December and died two days after getting food poisoning at a restaurant that served an Easter buffet. Toni was a lovely caring and compassionate woman who was the heart of our office. A month later, a colleague who I had worked with and knew well enough to have the occasional coffee together and work on special projects together, died in her sleep.  Sharon was in exceptional good health and watched her diet and exercise. Lastly, on July 3rd I lost a best friend of 40 years to cancer.  I started this prayer quilt thinking I had the 6-12 months the doctors had given her.  However, Donna was gone within a month and she only saw the quilt through Facetime.  I will be sending it to her youngest daughter.

It served its purpose in that I prayed for her the whole time I was working on it.

A double 4 patch block

Scriptures in the neutrals and fish and crosses in the quilting because my friend loved Jesus.

I think I have been in mourning and didn't recognize it for what it was. So glad to have the hope of seeing those that have the hope of eternal life again.


magnoliasntea said...

Oh Elaine, I'm so sorry you suffered the loss of three friends. That's so hard. The quilt is beautiful with those lovely scriptures and crosses. I'm sure your friend's daughter will love it and be comforted by your thoughtfulness.
Have a great weekend!

magnoliasntea said...

I just noticed the newest pic of your granddaughters, and I love it. Adorable.