Monday, June 5, 2017

Really Really Really Retired

Retirement has been elusive for me.  I retired as a teacher in 2000 and started work as a counselor, retired as a counselor in 2011 and almost immediately started as a substitute counselor.  I applied for a 2/5 position as a counselor and got it last year at 68 years of age but the district reshuffled kids and another counselor already on the books, so although I got the position-I never had to report for duty and i continued to sub.  In three days, I am officially retiring from public education for EVER!

A brand new chapter has opened up and I am writing it as fast as i can.  I am currently teaching Three quilt classes, a beginning that meets 2x a month, a Bonnie Hunter Un-mystery class that meets monthly, and a Calendar Club  that meets monthly as well.  On Sunday I officially became ministry leader of The Comforter's which is our church's prayer quilt ministry which will meet 2x a month. We had a lunce reunion with several of the members of the Comforter's over the years on Saturday.  So good to see a couple of these ladies that I haven't seen in a while.

Reunion with the ladies who have quilted with The Comforters-forever friends!

My quilt glass is full and I feel so incredibly blessed.  Life is full of ebbs and flows and I am in the flow and am going to enjoy it while it lasts.  God is amazing whether I am ebbing or flowing and life is amazingly good. I will have more time to study God's word, work on personal goals and do less piecing and more arting❤

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Barbara Sindlinger said...

Congrats on your retirement. My friends who have retired said they are busier now than ever, but they love it too.

Enjoy! I have 8 years, 5 months and 1 day (or 1,049 work days) left before I can retire. (Yes I have an app to keep track :)