Sunday, April 11, 2010

What to Write?

Well, a dilemma exists. i want to be a writer. I was encouraged to write a blog. I now find out that if i publish what i write on the blog, I can not publish it anywhere else. Hmmm. . .Catch 22 come to mind? So, I will no longer post Kitty escapades here as I really want to get the Kitty devotional published in my lifetime-you might say it is number 1 on my bucketlist. Well, maybe 2, retirement has to be number 1. So-what to write-that is the question. I feel like Julie in Julie and Julia except I really don't want to steam a lobster or attempt aspic. i could write about my granddaughter, Ava, but my son would have a problem with me posting info about his daughter on the web-he works in a nameless city in Internet security so he is ultra sensitive and ultra private. I could write about my deaf, blind dog, Sadie who is the sweetest dog ever-but she couldn't hear or see it so it wouldn't bless her so what would be the point. A writer with nothing to write. that is very sad. Any suggestions?

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