Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Writer's Digest Challenge: Write the word "To" and make a title of a poem-and then write it.

"To serve or not to serve" I am going to change the title to

Who do I Serve?

I am so busy
most of the time.
My life
has filled my clock
flowing over into tomorrow
like water seeping
under doors and filling
the room beyond.

Who am I serving
in my quest to fill
My day
and My night
and the breaths of moments
in between?
God has little access
to My calendar of days.

Who am I serving
with this constant
I am fulfilling
MY Need to be busy
for the kingdom-
Not God's desire
for my knees bent in silence.

1 comment:

heidi said...

great poem, elaine. i can truly relate to your words.

in regards to what to write about, i know that there are books of writer's topics. you could just blindly flip to a topic, put your finger on it and write about it! sort of like reader's digest did for you.