Sunday, March 24, 2013

Not Sewing

Since my visit to Seattle I have not been sewing.  I strained my neck muscles on one side and have had company and a major allergy attack.  But today I need to do something!  I am going to start cutting out my granddaughter's quilts.  The pictures are from the entries for the BOM challege from the Crazy 9 Patch.  My blocks are still in a bag but I got some great Ideas to complete it.  I bought the dark brown/blue green combo.

This is my personal favorite but it was hard to choose-I really like several of them.

I like this a lot as well.  Like the extra cream border in each square.

I love this arrangement with the added embroidery (chicken and hearts)

Our guild choose a quilt to make for the 2014 show, but until someone steps up to oversee the making-I'm it.  I am going to start copying the applique on freezer paper as soon as I get permission from the author.

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Quiltedtime said...

I like the arrangement with the extra cream border, too. It makes the blocks stand out individually whereas some of them tend to get "lost" in the other settings.

Sorry you haven't felt well. Prayers as headed your way.