Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sleep deprived but happy

It has been a week and a half helping with the grands.  I have Sloan duty every other night and she is the noisiest baby I have ever heard.  Burping, snoring, growling, tooting and crying during the night.  She is a good baby in that she only cries when hungry or a filled diaper, but she is noisy.  I have bottles made, a wash in and my space cleaned up but I am still in my PJ's at 12 noon and I need a nap.  My sweet DIL has been able to catch up on some much needed sleep so she is feeling better.

Monday I was able to go on a field trip by myself, as my oldest grand was taken to the zoo with her cousins.  I went for a tour at Martingale Publishing and picked up 10 books-(I will be sharing:) They have a book room full of seconds and the book I really was hoping to get was "Out of the Box" by Mary Lou Weidman.  They had it and now I have it.  It was a requirement for the class I am taking with the author in July.  I have read it all the way through-a great book about the basics of creativity and fostering it in your life.

I also stopped by a quilt shop on the way in Mill Creek that was wonderful, Keepsake Cottage Fabrics.
What an amazing selection and very nice ladies to help you.  I picked up some more fabrics for my Dear Jane who is waiting for me at home.  I miss my husband, dog, friends, swimming, and sewing but am having a great visit.

My sleeping buddy, Jack-at least someone is getting some sleep!

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