Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I am in Seattle helping with the grands.  I love Seattle.  Took the train from the airport to downtown where my sweet son met me, loaded my luggage in the car.  He went back to work and I went the Pike's Market-the happiest place on earth.  Headed right to my favorite quilt store "Undercover Quilts" and promptly bought a pattern for a B'Day present for my sister in law (the finished product is the gift, not the pattern ), some Laurel Burch fabulous border fabric, and 1/4 yard of sea shells for a second underwater seascape as my husband loved the first one.

Sloan sleeping

Laurel Burch, Pattern of Moose in wilderness, seashells
However, before the joy of Seattle and Pike's Market, my flights were eventful.  One of my greatest fears is having a seat liner fold up into my underware and go flapping in the breeze behind me-well, it happened.  I was about 4 rows back on the aisle and the man by the window had to get up-so I backed up to the front of the plane and the sweet ladies in the front row quietly said some thing was on my backside.  Reaching to the back of me I removed 1/2 of one of those dreaded seat covers that was happily waving to the folks in the plane as I walked.  I couldn't stop laughing-i mean, what were my choices?.  Then I started thinking-How long was that there-I didn't use the restroom on the plane? How many people pointed and stared? When did I take off my sweatshirt?  The moral of the story being-it was one of my greatest fears and I lived through it -giggling all the way-life is good and God is amazing-just when I think I'm all that-he sticks a seat liner in my drawers and parades me down the aisle of an airplane in front of 223 people:)

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Quiltedtime said...

Elaine, let's put it this way. I am glad you posted a picture of that beautiful baby instead of your fashion statement. You have had me laughing out loud twice today. Thanks. This is a really stressful week, and I needed it.