Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dear Jane Clinic

Well-not much progress on Dear sweet Jane since last month but got three blocks mostly done today-none of them pictured because they are not finished yet-but mostly done.  When I laid these out I noticed that they don't have the contrast that I want-however, these are the blocks for the outside border of the quilt and is the only row that is beige and black so, all in all, this row will contrast with the one next to it.

Teacher, Susan Axelrod and student

Margaret  finishing up a block

Bella helping

15 outside row blocks and 1 inner block (lavender)
I do see things differently when I take pictures.  I will work on more contrast in the remaining blocks on the outside row-about 30 of them.  I think in about six months at least two of the quiltts will be done and I won;t feel so scattered.  I took too many classes this year-will not do that next year.

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