Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bits and Pieces

We are getting ready to go to the Big 3 swapmeet (a 1x per year event that my husband looks forward to and I enjoy as well) Greg restores vintage British motorcycles and sells them at this event as well as through the year.  I have been focusing on making handwork as we camp in the motorhome in the parking lot of Qualcom with no electricity.  The size of the baggy of tarts ready to be sewn for the pies and tarts quilt does not seem to relate to the work put in to making said baggy of parts.

Instead of sewing the material to the template I iron down with starch-works beautifully!

A bag-o-tarts ready to be sewed into little tart circles (enough for 18 so far)

I also redid part of this paper pieced block for Dear Jane and appliqued the center on to it as well as finishing the Le Moyne Star block (one star point needs to be restitched-I was off two threads which makes a difference in these little blocks.  These are untrimmed so it looks like I may lose a point or two.  I am actually going to be fine with that:)

Dear Jane-One block from the Turquoise and dark row and one from the turquoise and light row

I need to go to Seattle next Tuesday for two weeks.  My Beloved DIL is sleep deprived and under doctor's care for postpartum blues.  I asked if they needed me to come and she said yes-2 weeks please.  I am thrilled to be able to help them but so sorry she is having such a hard time.  I love my DIL-she is such a blessing to us. So, I need to take handwork as I won't have the time to machine piece and don't want to lug a machine anyway. Hopefully I'll get some more tarts done today but it is a really busy day. The pies and tarts are just so easy to transport.

I am signed up for another class on my return and since I am the caretaker of the teacher, I think I will do that and sew quietly in the back of the room on one of the projects I have already started.  I will take notes and pictures-but I can't start one more project or my brain will explode.

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Quiltedtime said...

It is great that you have some handwork to take along with you. Remember, all those little minutes add up, and soon, you will have a lot done. Hope your DIL is feeling better soon.