Friday, February 15, 2013

It is starting to look like a quilt

These little satellites take some time to do. Today I got a tutorial for postcards half done-should complete it Sunday.  That took some time to do-just thinking it through step by step took awhile-especially since I do them several different ways.  It is a good exercise.  I just walked into my studio and my Lizzy was contendedly chewing on my Ramona landscape postcard.  I rescued it out of her little jaws just in time.  Don't know how she got it.   Then I went to work on the paperpiecing-only 2 done but that is 2 more than I had done yesterday.

I spent about an hour pruning rose bushes (that should have been pruned last month) and it felt good to spend some time outside (other than my swim this morning).  So, all in all, a productive day!

A galazy appearing

Glad I took a picture-I notice that I forgot a piece on the bottom left pie slice:)

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Quiltedtime said...

These are just looking better and better every time you add another. The background fabric really sets them off. Hopefully, you are planning on using it in your final creation because it is perfect.