Sunday, August 11, 2013

Leaving for Seattle

My amazing DIL bought me a ticket to come visit for a week.  Since my last post, I have been working day and night almost to make a prayer quilt for Tom who is my DIL's brother diagnosed with throat cancer a week  and a half ago.  I cut it out a week ago today and just finished the binding 30 min. ago-everything else has been pushed aside-but it is done and I really like it. Tom is Norwegian hence the blue and white and I liked the yellow with them.

This is the first quilt I have made without a border and I like it.  I had put together the middle row with 3 of the blocks turned 90 degrees and didn't notice it until I sewed the whole top together so had about 3 hours of rippin and fixin but I got it back together.   The pattern actually looked little like this quilt-it was square, had borders and the colors were not a strong contrast and were placed more randomly so the strong geometric design was lost.

I quilted 1/4 inch to the right on most seams

A quick label made out of  2 leftover triangles-blue 1/2 squares bought at a garage sale, white and blue backing bought at M&L in Huntington Beach, yellow bought from Quilt in a Day and blue and white print from The Crazy 9 Patch in Ramona.

I did a couple of shortcuts because I was in a hurry and Tom isn't a quilter, so he won't notice. I glued down the binding after sewing it to the front and ironed it in place.  I always hand stitch my bindings but I needed it done so I could pack it-so I put invisible thread in bobbin and on top and sewed the whole binging on by machine.  I didn't miter the corners-just turned the top and bottom borders in 1/4 inch on the ends and zigzagged the ends with the invisible thread.  I also sewed the label on by machine which I would never do.  All that said-it looks nice and I know he will like it.  Sometimes it is better to get it in the hands of the recipient in a timely manner than sweat the small stuff-at least that is my thought for today! Won't be posting for another week while I am in Seattle with the grands.


Quiltedtime said...

My prayers are going out to Tom. I know that he will deeply appreciate your quilt.

Magnolia Tea said...

The quilt is beautiful, and I'm sure it will be a great comfort to the recipient. Praying for the Lord's will for Tom.