Sunday, August 4, 2013

Old Geezer Game Night

Unfortunately I have no pictures but the memories of our new tradition "Old Geezer Game Night" will remain a lifetime.  We have a small home ,so, entertaining more than 4 people at a time in our living room is difficult.  We had an idea for New Year's Eve to set up card tables in the kitchen, dining room and living room-so everyone would have a place to sit for the potluck dinner then we would play Skipbo for 3 rounds, moving to different tables for each round (like Bunco).  Last night at the end we had 3 winners and 1 loser/winner so 4 people took a few dollars home (we only put 1.00 a piece into the pot).  We had 14 people last night and did a lot of laughing. We are going to repeat "Game Night" every 6 weeks until we move. Because we are "geezers" we end at 9pm.

One of our couples almost didn't come last night because the husband is feeling the effects of his chemo treatments. I had called about 4pm to encourage them to at least come for dinner-then, if he still didn't feel good, he could go home but at least he could get prayed for and have a little fellowship.  They came-and stayed and John was laughing a lot so I am so glad they decided to come.  He said they were not going to until I called-glad I listened to the urging on my heart.  I am going to so miss our friends when we move-we have a garden full of the most wonderful people in our lives-we are so amazingly blessed!

Greg's cousins are coming today so Pat can look through my scrapbooking stuff to see what she wants before I put it all for sale.  The finished scrapbooks are really pretty but they take a lot of room.  Think I am going to do digital versions instead.  Then I won't have to keep all the stash to create them (currently takes up 1/2 of a small closet)-and basically I just don't have the time!

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Quiltedtime said...

I love Skipbo. It is just easy enough so that it doesn't interfere with visiting and laughing. When I play, I just want to play and not worry about thinking too much.

Sounds like you had an excellent time!