Sunday, September 14, 2014

Helene Knott

My husband left for a 2 week motorcycle trip with friends from high school and I was busy with our first guild meeting of the year featuring our guest speaker, Helene Knott.  I was nervous until after the trunk show which was preceded by a lecture about color and how it works in a quilt.  Helene was excellent and I received several emails telling me so.   The workshop the next day was a small landscape.  Helene had put together many options to choose from and some ladies bought more than one kit.  All in all a great start to the guild year.


magnoliasntea said...

I'm so glad your guild meeting went well. :) I just noticed you put up a different photo of your granddaughters. They're adorable! I think the one on the right looks like you, at lease she does in the photo.
Have a great day!

Quiltedtime said...

Good job on your guild meeting! As we have previously discussed, you don't always know until it's done. Love her name. Good name for a quilty lady.