Monday, November 5, 2012

Getting to Work!

I finished "The Cat's Meow" and renamed it "Cattitudes".  It goes to Utah to my sister in law who is an uber cat lover.  She puts out little igloos made out of styrofoam coolers wrapped with insulation and padded with blankies for the homeless cats that move in for the winter as well as food and water.  She also has a group of garage only cats and her own house cats.  Only she could keep them all straight.

I haven't got much sewing done other than my Tuesday night "The Comforters" group which is a prayer quilt ministry in our church.  I hope to finish a never-ending turtle quilt tomorrow night.  Our new puppy, Lizzy has taken quantum time and is just now being trusted in the sewing room-only because I am allowing her to eat the inexpensive looped rug and pulling it apart string by string keeps her busy.   also I spent a week in Seattle helping our kids move from south to a north Seattle community.  A great visit and a tour of Martingale Publishing with a trip to their seconds bookshop which brought me 12 count them, 12 wonderful quilt books for 5.00 a piece.  So this last weekend I shut the door, gave dog duty to my sweet husband and knocked out 3 baby quilts from stash and scaps-didn't buy a thing and have all bindings and backs out of stash as well.  One was a string quilt which I have been wanting to try, one was squares I had cut out for something I don't even remember and one was a combo of squares and a border print.

One goes to a former boss that I really respect, one to my next door neighbor and one to The Door of Hope in SD.  All of them will have scriptures attached because God's word NEVER returns void.  There are some borders and some embroidery to do but they are close and my pink flannel drawer is almost empty.

The Lord whispered in my ear "stop dreaming, planning, and buying and get busy".  He knows his daughter.  After I was done I realized I had not used a pattern.  i let the scraps dictate the designs.  My soul is happy.

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