Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rob Appell Workshop

Last month I volunteered to help Debra, the nice lady who is in charge of programs at Friendship Quilters Guild in Poway.  I joined last June and wanted to get more involved. She asked me if I could be the helper for Rob who does seascapes.  I ended up taking the class and loved the results.

My kids will get this for Christmas.  It is all ironed down, the backing and bindings chosen and I bought the thread today.  I want to give the illusion of the sun shining above the surface of the water and hope to do it while quilting with white, yellow and light blue top/middle melding into medium and dark blues at the bottom-we'll see.  I really like this first attempt and think the kids will too.  we'll see again.

Visited a new quilt shop in San Marcos today named after a Shelti name Annie.  It may become my 2nd or 3rd favorite in SD County.  Bright vibrant fabrics and patterns.  I picked up 2 kits for under 40.00 for Christmas Celtic table toppers.  One for me and one for my nephew, Dallas and his wife. I will post pics after Saturday which is my sewing group's mini retreat and I hope to finish the table topper for Dallas.  Have to get all the Utah presents done by Nov 19th.  Yikes!  With God, ALL things are possible-even Christmas presents by mid November.

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