Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dear Jane, Kaffe Fassett and The Sloan Ranger

Yesterday we got the best news.  Our 3 month old granddaughter Sloan was moved from ICU to the regular floor.  She is getting better and they are gradually lowering her h20 levels.  She still has a feeding tube but they expect her to go home Tuesday so that should be removed soon.  Praise God for He is good.  The kids are exhausted but are hanging in there. Jason is going to have a dad and daughter day with Ava because he hasn't seen her much.  Thankfully, my DIL has 2 amazing sisters who are 2nd and 3rd moms to the kids and 2 wonderful nieces who are old enough to take care of her as well.  The nurses love our baby and have renamed Sloan and call her "The Sloan Ranger".  Thanks for the prayers-prayer changes things!

Yesterday was The Dear Jane Clinic and I got 4 blocks prepped and ready to applique down.

I have 17 more blocks printed and my goal will be to get those done by the next time we meet which will be in  May so I might get there.  They really take a long time.  While I was at The Crazy 9 Patch I bought 3 bolt ends at 20 percent off and 1 yard of a beautiful rusty quilting feathers fabric. 

I also got a small New York Beauty done which takes longer than a large block because it is in 4 pieces.

I took one block partially apart and redid it as I kept being bugged by the shade of the bright pink.

new block:

Before revision:

Then the fabric I ordered from arrived in the mail-looks like a lot but they are mostly 1/2 yard pieces-Kaffe Fassett at 7.20 a yard.  I am building a stash for the Mary Lou Weidman class in July.

Lastly, I made a label at the embroidery class last Thursday-it isn't perfect but for a first-it will work for my Beauty and Check quilt.
That's it-got to get ready for church-have a blessed day!!!

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Quiltedtime said...

I am so pleased to hear that Sloan is improving. I was just thinking about her this morning.

Your fabrics are beautiful. A little envious about your summer class...