Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tomorrow maybe?

Saturday I was really planning to sew.  Whatever is going on with my neck and scull is hindering my progress.  I had a slew of errands to run in the morning and got most of them done.  I actually managed to get out of Joann's with just 2 things and both were bought with 40 percent off coupons-a 3/8th inch bias tape maker and some fine glass headed pins.  I spent a good amount of time going in and out of a row of thrift shops in Poway looking for tea cups and saucers-no luck.  I am in charge of a tea that we started 3 years ago to benefit the local pregnancy care clinic.  I was looking for the cups as gifts for our guest speaker and singers.  I have another idea that I'll post when done.  I am hoping we will break 100 for attendance but this year there seems to be a lot going on on that day.  Trusting Jesus to bring them in.  Anyway, by the time I got home I needed a nap.

Today Greg and I have the New Attenders lunch to do after church so won't get home until 3.  My neck is already hurting so I don't see any sewing getting done until tomorrow.  Note to self-DON'T EVER GO TO COSTCO ON THE WEEKEND AT LUNCH.  It was crazy busy and the sample stations were hindering traffic big time!

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