Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Beautiful Leaves

While in Seattle we were blessed by the beautiful changing of the leaves:

I don't post many pictures of my grandgirls and don't post their names because of my son's request (he is in IT security) but I was so touched by the love I saw with these 2.  The oldest is the best babysitter already. She can make the youngest smile just by walking in the room-they were both giggling and rolling on the floor.

the giggle girls
Going to sew leaves today!


Magnolia Tea said...

Great pictures of the leaves! Ours are still green, waiting...
Love those giggle girls, too. Grandgals are so cool.

Btw, word verification is probably preventing many of your readers from leaving comments. I turned mine off and have had no spam since. Details here: Have a wonderful weekend!

Quiltedtime said...

Great pics of both your grandbabies and the trees.

I agree with Toni. I turned off the word verification and just reviewed the posts before they are published. I have never had any spam. I have had a couple inappropriate posts, but I put the brakes on them before they could be published.