Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hoping to finish the Back Country Quilter Program TODAY!

I have been working on the program for awhile.  Have the front, back, vendors, donations, quilt entries, memorial, and a few ads done.  Today I need to fit the rest of the ads in and I don't think they will fit the pages alloted.  Also, some of the PDF files I have been sent don't want to go into the program.  Think I'll have to print and scan them. YIKES!  I am going to do the program before I finish my A4A quilt top- only have the last black border to sew on and finish piecing the back and it is ready for the longarm in November.

That large block is crying for some applique flowers and a few leaves to tone down that bright turquoise I think.

A free brand new in wrapper king fitted sheet on left and some leftover fabric on right-enough of the leftover to make 20" strip down center with plaid on sides

Took the quilt ourside and laid it on the lawn-overcast day so the colors didn't fade out.

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Quiltedtime said...

Hmmmm....the applique might be a good idea. How large is your quilt? Beautiful!