Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Terry Waldron Workshop

As the program chair for 2014-15 I get to be teacher's helper for our visiting artists-I love my job.  #1 I don't usually do the project because I can't deal with one more UFO but , I get to listen and take notes and today was just wonderful-I learned quite a lot from this quite fabulous teacher.  Some students were frustrated because they were not told exactly what to do-Terry taught the basics of art and design for the first 2 hours-good stuff! However, one lady said she just didn't work that way-she needed a picture. Wow.

I worked on my ML Weidman inspired cow quilt-got the cow's helmet and nostrils done and some corn stalk leaves and the pattern for the quilt the ewe is wearing as well as the template for appliqueing it to the ewe once it is paperpieced. All in all a productive day.

Self Portrait-alphabet made with new ties

This was stunning-taken draped over a table

Close up of tree detail
I liked this teacher alot-she was a wonderful storyteller


Quiltedtime said...

I think I would have liked this teacher as well. I am more interested in classes where techniques and theories are presented--then I am left to come up with my own interpretation. Some folks, on the other hand, just want a ready-made pattern that they can follow. If I am not pushing the envelope, I feel like I am wasting my time.

Magnolia Tea said...

Oh man, I love that tree quilt.
What a fun class. I need some classes, that's for sure. I'd probably be the one that needs a picture. O.O
Have a great weekend!