Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tardy Turtle

Tardy Turtle-officially the first Christmas present done!  This quilt was fun to work on. piecing, paper-piecing, and applique.  It will go to my son and daughter-in-law.  It was made from a Java House pattern and i have had the materials pulled for 2-3 years-definitely a UFO until yesterday and is on my UFO list for a Lovely Year of Finishes and Finish Along-both buttons on my blog page.  I changed the borders some and didn't add the extra orange the pattern called for.  My start was here. I was #47 on ALYOF goal page.

The quilting is a turtle panto edge to edge
We are going to a huge swapmeet tomorrow to sell motorcycles and parts-I hope.  We have been doing this sale for over 30 years and it is really a lot of fun.  Will check back in next week.


Quiltedtime said...

This is really very sweet. I like the randomness of the piece sizes on the outside border.

Congratulations on another finish. I can't believe I am going to have 3 by the end of next week. That is definitely a first for me to have that many finished so early in the year.

magnoliasntea said...

Hi Elaine! The turtle quilt gorgeous, and I love the quilting and backing. I have plans for an applique quilt that your back fabric would look good on.
Hope the swap meet was successful!

Sandy said...

What a darling quilt! I can't believe you have a Christmas present finished 10 months ahead of time. Good for you!!