Monday, May 26, 2014

Collectibles and Camping

We sold at the La Mesa Antique Fair 2 weeks ago. We  had a great time, got rid of quite a bit of stuff and made some money-not bad for a day of people watching.  Before we can move we have to get rid of lots of stuff-Greg especially.  He has a 30x30 foot steel building of "stuff" and it is anchoring us to this 1/2 acre like a 3 ton weight.  he is trying.  He just listed quite a few things on Craig's List but I haven't heard the phone ringing.  Anyway, I am cleaning and researching more "stuff" to go to the next vintage market. 

A sampling of our "stuff"
I am leaving tomorrow for a retreat I look forward to each year.  My 2 friends and I go camping in Julian; one in a little cabin and 2 of us in RV's.  We don't visit until 4pm when we gather to talk about our day and decide where we want to go to dinner.  I get so much done.  I read, sew, and study God's word.  I should do this every other month.  I come back renewed, refreshed and revived.  If we move (remember the "stuff"), this will be my last time after 15 years of camping with my friends.

I come back Friday when I have to take a quick shower and repack for a Fri-Sun. women's retreat with our church. A good week coming but no posts as I will have no internet and I don't own a smartphone.

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