Monday, May 12, 2014

Too Busy!

I finished 1/2 of the double snowballs  that go with the Stars and that will be it for this week!  My first time doing double snowballs.  This project is part of Vicki Welsh's HSTeria quilt along (button on my sidebar to see what everyone else is doing).

Bonus HST's when you trim the snowballs

All those bonus triangles sewn into bonus squares-lovely

We are preparing for selling vintage stuff at the La Mesa Antique Faire next Sunday-I have the linens washed, ironed and priced and now need to go through about 10 boxes of "stuff" that has been stored in a seatrain for multiple years. We ran an antique booth in the local mall for years.  I also have an Exploring Color workshop I am doing on Saturday to prep for.  If that weren't enough, I am proctoring AP tests this week and am responsible for signing up guild members for 2014-15 classes tonight-yikes! Also the painters will be here in 15 minutes to paint the outside of our house.  I am retired-don't like this kind of busy-where will I squeeze in my naps!

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Mystic Quilter said...

Gosh you sound be having a busy, busy patch here!
Never seen double snowballs before but I love them! So different. Wouldn't I just love to be at your sale of vintage linens. Good luck squeezing in your nap!