Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jumping or Flying: a point of view

I retire in three months and three and a half weeks. At times I am almost giddy with the thought of days spreading out like spilled honey in front of me. No deadlines, no forty-five minute commute, no lines of needy students in front of my door like hungry birds waiting for wiggling worms, no office, no administrators with fingers in air feeling for the wind of security. In another breath it feels like jumping off a cliff into obscurity, no calendar, no appointments to keep, no brainstorming, no colleagues, no professional title-although, I guess, grandma is a professional title:)

Who will I be? Feels a little like the sixties when I was trying to "find myself". Now I am in my sixties- finding myself all over again. I am so glad Jesus knows who I am no matter what I am doing or being.

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