Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quilting-heart's desire

My husband says "quilting is done by chubby old ladies, and I don't see you as an old lady". Well, thank-you I think. Although his comment is totally unfounded, he holds to his perspective and, although I have shown him numerous "young" quilters, his mind is made up. I am finished trying to convince him otherwise-I will just continue to enjoy my old, new found passion.

I have always loved to sew. I made many of Greg's shirts in the 70's, every family member an Emily Barnes "Quilt in a Day" log cabin quilt-countless pillows-and a doorway heat blocker. I had just finished taking another quilting class when I started back to school for my degree and a working with paycheck life took over. I had English papers in my lap to replace the quilt frame. I retire in 3 months to the day. My old passion is resurfacing-now to get my Greg to understand my need for a pretty expensive sewing machine-a Bernina 730 is my heart's desire but God will have to make a way. Retail 6,000.00 dollars. My budget is closer to 2,500.00. I have never bought a sewing machine (except for the 10.00 Brother found at a garage sale). I am using the portable Singer my mom bought me in 1962 and it runs fine. However, I hope to be sewing for the next 15 years so I would like a machine to see me through and allow me to do art quilts and embroidery. Here's hoping and praying and thanking Jesus ahead of time.

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heidi said...

i love quilts and those are beautiful!