Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Manna Sandwich

I almost didn't go to the "How to do a devotional Class" yesterday. my pulled muscle in by upper back is knifepoint painful. However, my friend the teacher, Lisa Story, promised me a heating pad. What a great 3 hours. I have been told for years that a devotional time was important in the morning-and, for years I have faithfully done a devotional of some type in the morning. However, I don't always find that time as fruitful as it should be. 4:30 am is not the best time for a 10pm person.

Lisa taught the ladies gathered in her cozy livingroom, in front of the fire with steaming mugs of caffein in their hands, how to build a manna sandwich. What a great technique-easy to do, understandable-I think my devotional time will come to life. Thank-you Lisa for using your gift of teaching to help your friends walk closer to Jesus.

How to: List who God/Jesus is in the passage, 2nd column list what he does, 3rd column contains what you learned about you or others in passage, then lastly-how it applies. Overall, attitude is the most important. Bon Appetite!

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