Friday, November 15, 2013

Finished the tree-well, almost!

I finally got the tree done for Ali, I thought.  I had taken the binding off the quilted piece that the trees are attached to and added a striped border without measuring the dimensions to see if they were square-well, they aren't as you can see, the bottom left is longer than right.  So, today since I have a cold, I am going to correct it.  ARGHHHH!

Some stray threads still attached
On a happier note, i finished my first Christmas present.  I have been going to the same hair dresser for 20 years.  he and his wife have become friends and I will miss them when we move.  Since Bill is Irish, I made him a Celtic Christmas table topper.

This last week I went to a Kim Deihl workshop-what a lovely lady and excellent teacher.  Class was packed.  Since I was teacher's helper that day, I took orders from 14 women for sandwiches and salads at the Subway across the street.  Took me 1 1/2 hours to get orders filled and return proper change-yikes.  Luckily, not all 26 women wanted stuff!

Kim Diehl
A very full class

Some are using the colors of the original

And some are not!
Today:  Redo binding/square up wall hanging, prep for purse class tomorrow, take naps and drink water!


Magnolia Tea said...

I get the feelin' that tree quilt ain't gonna be missed once you are done with it, lol. ;) Love the Celtic table topper. What a nice gift for your hairdresser! Don't you just love being the gopher for takeout for a group. I did it once, never again. It just ain't hardly worth it. Enjoy your purse class and the weekend!

Quiltedtime said...

First of all, I am cracking up reading Toni's post. She is so funny.

It's definitely a good idea to keep your hairdresser happy. That, and your car mechanic. The table topper is lovely.

The class looks like it was really good. I can't imagine and hour and a half at Subway. The one near my work is pretty efficient although it was not ten years ago. I missed lunch one day because I couldn't wait in line any longer and had to get back to work. Hungry.