Sunday, November 24, 2013

No Pic Sunday

I cut out and pieced the front of a Debbie Mum pattern for an appliqued Christmas stocking for Sloanie.  I have all the templates cut and most ironed onto fabric.  Today I have to wash the dog, pick up the house (especially my sewing room) and iron down the fabric on the tiny templates to get the stocking ready to travel with me.  I have to get my shop sample done for my January class when I get back along with finishing the stocking and making a quick tree skirt for the kids before I go to Seattle on the 6th-whew! I love the activity and the handwork,  So thankful I can use my hands and eyes.  Things I take for granted.

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Magnolia Tea said...

Hey, I'm definitely doing Bonnie's quiltalong, but my rulers just got ordered today so I may not even get to start until you're back home. Have a great time visiting.