Friday, July 4, 2014

Progress on Lizzy

I sewed all the half square Triangles for the pinwheel blocks but will have to wait to put them together for a week and a half.  After the blocks are assembled you lay out the pieces of the hourglass blocks to match the pinwheels-before you sew them together-luckily I reread  the directions for the border.  The top left is lined up correctly-one on the right is not.

Lizzy's picture is already packed for a short trip, but this is the way the layout should look-so need to have all the pinwheels done before i can put it together.  I am enjoying this process-the HST pinwheels are 2" finished. I am linking up with the HSTeria quilt along-button on the right.

Because we are 1 block from the high school, we have perfect viewing for the fireworks-we expect 15 people to join us for an annual BBQ and croquet tournament before the light show.

Happy 4th of July!!

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