Thursday, July 31, 2014

Travel Tip Thursday #4

We belong to the Evergreen Bed and Breakfast Club.  When you are an "Evergreener"  you can spend the night at another club member's home and have breakfast and lovely conversation for 25.00 the first night and 20.00 for the next 2 nights.   My friends and I stayed with someone in Wimbledon (just outside of London) for 12.00 (a piece) per night for our week in England.  The advantage to belonging to a club like this is , not only do you get a clean bed, bathroom privileges, and a hearty breakfast, but the hosts know the area and can give you the information you will need to navigate their area.  Saves time and frustration.

In return for staying in others' homes, you are obligated to host a few times a year.  We have only had one bad experience in the 10 years we have been members.  We have stayed with families in London, Nova Scotia, Vancouver,  Victoria, and Seattle.  I even stayed with a family in Huntington Beach when I went to Camp-Watch-a-Patcher at Vanguard U last summer.  For 15.00 a night I had a single room and bath and a lovely breakfast while the ladies in the dorm fought with their sheets and snoring cabin mates.  It made the class possible for me.  The gentleman of the house even let me use his GPS to get to Vanguard-lovely people.

I can't think of a less expensive or more enjoyable way to travel.   We have met the nicest people and have had experiences we would not have had if we had stayed in a hotel. 

The is another travel club, Affordable Travel Club, that has more overseas and West Coast selections and we are planning to switch over as soon as our year is up.

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