Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Finish Along 3rd Quarter Goals

Because the little Thistle that is lovely enough to run the FAL lives in Great Britain-I missed the due date-time issues-so, this time I will have this post ready to go.  Problem this time is that the window for entries is 7/7-7/14.  We get home from vacation on the 13th and I am worried I'll miss it again. We'll see. So, this quarter I have lots of things to finish up:

Lizzy needs to be pieced, thread painted, quilted and bound

Blue Baskets needs to be trimmed, quilted and bound

 Christmas Squared  needs to be quilted and bound

Star Light needs to be quilted and bound.

Tree Skirt needs to have quilting finished, binding attached

Mug Rugs  quilting and finish bindings

Baby Boy quilt:  I have cut it out-needs assembling, quilting, and binding

Sweet Pea:  stitching, basting, quilting, binding.

Makena's pillow needs to be painted, quilted and stitched into a pillow.

The blouse will be the back of the pillow-the buttons and button holes are already in it!

Nickle Colored Sky needs to be pieced, basted, quilted and bound

This is a 2 year UFO.


Quiltedtime said...

Oh my goodness!.... Someone with more "needs quilting and binding" projects than myself. The good side is that you HAVE been busy creating some beautiful tops.

Ruth said...

Love your project with Lizzie - will be so beautiful!