Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Boxes going out.

Well-Northern Utah and Seattle packages are in the mail and will make it by Christmas. Two packages to Southern Utah will head out Monday morning. All I have left to do is one cell phone purse for my niece that I hope to finish this afternoon or tomorrow morning. I made four stockings for 3 niece's and nephew's and one adopted granddaughter. I combined patterns and designed the cuff myself. All are lined and machine appliqued. They make me smile. The 4th is not pictured but is a snowman on red quilted fabric-so, different from the snowman shown. I seem to do theme Christmases. last year everyone got monogrammed pillowcases. This year-Christmas Stockings and cell phone wallets (some with gift cards inside). Can't wait to get back to a couple of projects started and left waiting. I am making a list.

I have been way too busy this last week-glad next week is lighter. lots of fun things but I want the time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas which is Emanuel, God with us. It is hard to imagine that God himself would wrap himself in a baby's skin to show us how much he loves us. Thank-you God. Happy Birthday Jesus.


sewinglady said...

I stumbled across your blog and I like it!

Elaine said...

Thank-you-i went to your website and liked it as well. Love the format-I would like to change mine and will work on doing that in 2013. I grabbed your graphic and added it to my site!