Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dear Jane

I went to my favorite class yesterday. The Dear Jane Clinic. The Dear Jane Quilt made by Jane Stickle in 1863 has 225 blocks comprising 5600 pieces. The quilts that follow the original are called "Baby Janes" and I am making one in 1800's fabrics. The quilters who are creating their own variations are "Janiacs" and that makes me one of those. They are 4" finished blocks so it will be a challenge-but what a journey. I finished 2 blocks in class and cut out one more. One of the finished blocks has 28 pieces within its 4 inch walls. It is called "Pinwheel Gone Awry". I am doing all the outside blocks in beige, gold, brown and black. I will color the quilt in concentric circles starting from the outside. I will move to teals and plums alternating with neutrals as I move into the center.

The lady in red is my teacher/mentor Susan Axlerod. The other lady is my good friend, Debbie-we are on this journey together. Deb is doing her quilt in batiks so our final products will be very different. The old singer is exactly my age-it sews perfect 1/4 inch seams. Much easier to lug to sew-ins than my Babylock.

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