Friday, December 28, 2012


It is almost January first.  I will not make resolutions this year-I will make plans.  Maybe that will be more successful.  I have a new granddaughter arriving on January 14th if all goes as planned.  I need to make quilt, bed ruffle and sheet and curtains for her older sister by the time I get on the plane on the 12th.  I also need to finish the seascape for my DIL's b'day which is the 9th.  We are going back for a visit in Feb.  By then I need to finish the nursery set.  I am going to be very busy the next 6 weeks.  I wanted to make our almost 3 year old a doll as well-but we'll see.  I did get 4 blocks prepped for Dear Jane last night and organized my block keeping system.  I had outgrown the 3 ring binder and will probably outgrow this but it will work for a while.

 Lastly, the pictures of the stacked boxes all contain quilts in various stages of progress.  I will finish at least 3 of those by June (a plan-not a resolve).  The bible says: "Without a plan, the people perish".  It has always been a favorite verse, however, I tend to over plan and that in itself has almost made me perish-so, I am going to plan to "Be still and know that [He] is God" more this year.  That is enough planning-my head hurts:) I am thankful that I am able to still work hard, to plan, to create, to think, to read, to pray-I give all the glory to God my Abba daddy.


Quiltedtime said...

Welcome to blogging, and thanks for your sweet note. I will definitely check your posts. You asked about the Kaffe fabric sale. It is at From Here To Quilternity. Great name, huh? Keep in touch, Kay

Fiesta said...

Great system Elaine. I keep mine in a really big binder which I alphabetized so I know which blocks I have completed and which ones still need to be made

Elaine said...

Since I am doing mine by color and starting from the outside in, I am storing them by location:1 slot for A row and 1 for M row, 1 for B-L 1's and 13's. I have a check off sheet as well. I am either going to have to get another one of these or haul a file cabinet around:)-I would love to see what you have done. Thanks for the comment.