Thursday, May 9, 2013

1 more! 1 to go!

This quilt is taking forever.  I am not happy with the black and white center of the block I did yesterday.  I am going to applique a circle over the existing center and cut out the first one from the back. However-I am going to start the big circle today.  Instead of sewing all the black background to stabilizer, I am going to iron on a lightweight interfacing-that should save me a good amount of time. I am struggling with this quilt-I want it to represent the best work I am capable of doing, however, the stabilizer the material is attached to makes working with the seams difficult-it is too heavy.  I can not change that at this point so I have to push on through.  A metaphor of life in some ways-I carry around the "old flesh or sin nature" which sometimes keeps me from being the best person I can be.  Today I give my hands, my imagination, my lips and mt heart to You, Lord. Bless my work, let it be the best I can possibly make it today-for Your glory, Jesus. Amen-plus I need to power through 2 kitchen drawers-saving the worst 2 for last-let's get to work:)


Exuberant Color said...

Elaine, that gave me a link to your blog but no email link. It is because you are using Google+ which doesn't have a link. you may want to go back to regular Google profile.

Exuberant Color said...

Your email address is not showing this morning. Are you scrolling down and clicking on Save after you put the check mark in front of Show my email address?

Quiltedtime said...

You are getting a whole lot more done that I am, Elaine. We are in the thick of what my principal calls "May Madness" right now. It just seems that some of those meetings and tasks could have been scheduled a few months earlier :-(.