Thursday, May 23, 2013

21/2 rows complete-1/2 way done with Center Section

I was concerned that it was going to be difficult to put the blocks together but so far-not too bad. I like it so much better than the disjointed pieces on the design wall for the last 2 months-I am certainly NOT Wanda Hansen:)

I have changed my mind about the borders.  I am going to add checks along 2 sides but they will be rainbow and background black checks using materials in the circles.  The other 2 sides will be a very simple geometric pattern-think the squares and lines will calm the circles-I am totally out of any comfort zone I ever inhabited.  I am drafting a pattern for the first time-I have always followed the pattern to the T-but it is time to flap a wing or two.

I need to finish up the Beauty and Check because my mind wants to start this whimsical story quilt.  My husband is the "cow" with the Harley jacket and I am the sheep with the quilt-married 44 years in Sept-so want to make this for our anniversary.


Quiltedtime said...

Looks like you are flapping your wings big time, Elaine. Lots of creativity sprouting there.

cottonreel said...

I'll keep an eye on the anniversary quilt .It will be interesting . I have all the fabric to make a colourful New York Beauty quilt .
Must have a word with Wanda .
I wouldn't like plagiarism mentioned

Elaine said...

Clarification to Wanda Hansen comment. I love her blog as she gets so much done and it is all so fresh. She is so very fast and I have taken forever to get this done. Plagiarism? I am not sure I understand.

Magnolia Tea said...

Oh, the whimsical story quilt will be adorable. Love the idea. Goodman and I just celebrated 41 years. One of us is a saint, and it's not me. ;)
Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!