Sunday, May 19, 2013

Time just flies!

Sometimes I am pretty good at posting everyday or at least every other-sometimes, I'm not.  Been a little under the weather so have been reading and napping.  Yesterday, however, was the Dear Jane Clinic and I got 9, count them, 9 blocks done.  I am a quilting studette:)   There have been times I have only come out with 2 on a 10-3 day.

The 4 applique blocks will be sewn tonight-pieces are glued down

Tomorrow I finish the last 1/2 of the American beauty block and start sewing the pies to the arcs-yes! I will finish that quilt!


Quiltedtime said...

What a busy little gal you have been. My patience for a Dear Jane quilt always wanes the minute I look at a few of those blocks. Wow! That's all I can say.

Magnolia Tea said...

Wow, a Dear Jane quilt! Beautiful work, indeed. My mind is studdering. O.O I'm just a quilt admirer.