Saturday, July 6, 2013

Exciting Weekend and Beginning of Week Coming Up

Yesterday was cleanup and rest day after the 4th of July party. Greg was getting in a little nap with Lizzy after taking all the tables and fold up chairs out to the barn:

This was our 13th and last 4th of July party and we have had a great time over the years.  I usually give prizes to the winners of the croquet matches but this year I gave all my unused leftover packs of paper plates, napkins and plasticware in a cute red, white and blue bucket to Chris and Brad who have been there every year-should be some benefit for faithfulness!

Greg and I, our neighbors, Sam and Frances, friends Steve and Candy, Chris and Bill

Pat and Howard (Greg's cousins), Wally who was 88 on the 4th and his SIL, Jim and my Greg

Two games were in progress-Steve was playing croquet and Lizzy was playing Frisbee

Julie was never sure if it was her turn or not!

Every game needs a referee-and that is Howard's job
We had 17 people and had a great time as always.

Yesterday I didn't even get dressed.  I stayed in my nightie, watched Netflix and sewed.  The second block instructions had come out for the Quilt along I am participating in (see the Aiming for Accuracy button on my sidebar) so i finished that.  It was an easy block so it didn't take long and it came out a perfect 15.5x 16.5.
I have been using a tool I have had but had never got around to using-a Dragonfly 1/2 and 1/4 square triangle cutter.  It tells you what size square to cut to get the proper triangle and then gives you the ability to drawsewing lines rather than the line down the middle.  It says you don't have to trim after and it is true-they come out perfectly.  Wendy Mathison designed the Dragonfly.


#1 and #2

Dragonfly tool by Wendy Mathison
After the square, I worked on the last of the swags for the Home Sweet Home quilt-getting all 24 finished. So, when I get my Babylock back, I can go ahead and embroider the addresses on the borders and add the swags-still have the 4 corners to do-am waiting to see about the spacing since I have changed the dimensions.

24 border swags-six coordinated reds
Lastly, I worked on Cow Greg's eyes.  Greg has beautiful hazel eyes which was part of my original attraction to my sweet husband-so, I wanted the cow's (bull) eyes to be green and I wanted to make the sun glasses transparent so you could see his eyes underneath.  Have no idea if it will work but-hey-this is MY vision so I can attempt it!

Original sketch with round glasses and no eyes showing

New eyes with glasses all cut-16 pieces in all

material for eyes ironed on-Elton John glasses in place

All fabrics ironed on-we'll see if the illusion works-not seeing it yet:)
All in All a productive day!   Today I need to pack for my trip to Costa Mesa and Camp Watch-a-Patcher tomorrow, so, I don't think I will get any sewing done.  There is a meet and greet at 2-4 on Sunday which I am not sure now why I signed up for it-I am not usually comfortable in those situations. But I am taking an "Out of the Box" class so I should get out of my box. I skipped the "meet the Teachers" at 7 because I don't know my way around up there and I don't want to try to find it in the dark.  I will meet Mary Lou in class.

Before I go to the college, I am going to go to the sale at M and L fabrics.  They are like a warehouse with tons of flats at 2-2.95 a yd and they are having a 20% off sale.  Need a few pieces for my Mary Lou Weidman class.  I am staying with an Evergreen couple in Long Beach for two nights-I love Evergreen-it made this class doable-10.00 a night includes breakfast and is only 12 miles from the school.

Will write again on Wednesday-have a great first of the week!


Quiltedtime said...

Oh my goodness, you have been BUSY!!! Have a great time at your class. It sounds great.

Magnolia Tea said...

Wow, you're gonna be missed there come next 4th of July.

Love, love those starry glasses!