Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lots to Do

Getting ready for 20 people is never easy-and with this heat-even harder, but on the 4th I will be glad as always that we had this party.  I will make this post short as Greg and i need to clean the carpets before it is scalding out.  Greg used to sell and install carpet, hardwood floors, blinds and draperies in his business, Heavenly Carpets for 30 years.  He also cleaned carpets so he has this great machine that does a great job-but a lot harder to do at 68 than it was at 40-so, he calls in his trusty 65 year old sidekick and we "get er done".  That will wipe us out today-so, I will go into town afterwards and get the last of the ingredients for tomorrow.

Got to work on "Your Love" the last couple of days and got some things accomplished-hopefully will be able to get the corn stalks and the motorcycle wheel I added made and glued down on Friday.  I can't sew on it until I get my Babylock back the end of next week. I need to pack and get ready to leave on Sunday to go to M&L fabrics and then to Vanguard U. for the start of Camp Watch a Patcher and Mary Lou Weidman's much anticipated class.  Will be back on Tuesday night so won't post Sunday-Tuesday-but then I will have lots of pictures of the class.

The eyes and star glasses will be tricky as I want to show the eyes through the glasses-so that will mean multiple pieces but I like the challenge and it will make his eyes light up-they will be green like my husbands

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Quiltedtime said...

You are moving right along with your quilt top. Love the fabric for the sheep.