Sunday, June 30, 2013

Focus for the Week

We have had a 4th of July party for years at our house because we live a block from the high school where they have a beautiful 1/2 hour display and we have a movie theater view from our front lawn.  When we sell our house, that will be listed as an amenity!  We always provide the main dish and drinks and the attendees bring the side dishes.  An annual croquet tournament ends the evening before the fireworks and everyone goes home by 9:30.  This will be our last one (because we will be moving at the beginning of May) and I am so hoping the heat breaks a bit by then.  We have a small house and I count on our front porch and lawn to accommodate our overflow of guests which can reach 20. We have a great time heat or no heat-it always works out.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be filled with cleaning house and prepping for party but I will have some time for sewing.  Last night I went on the internet and found the last addresses I needed for my Home Sweet Home quilt-so when I get my Babylock back from the dealer I can embroider and then put on the swags and that baby will be done! I have been trying to find the address of the house my parents lived in when I was born-it FINALLY occured to me to look on my birth certificate and there it was.  Both Greg and I lived on Nile Street-1 block from each other when we were born. However, HSH won't be this week because I don't have my embroidery machine.  The young lady that I am doing the tree for has not responded to my e-mail yet so I am going to finish Your Love is Moosic background.  I got the border squares finished and attached to each other yesterday-ready to add to the quilt when the center is finished.

Last night I finished the drafting so now I can cut the applique pieces the right size:

Your Love cartoon

The handwork once I get the appliques done (I am appliqueing by machine) will take a while-I have plans for this wall hanging.  Thank-you Mary Lou Weidman- This one is really fun!  Have a blessed Sunday!


Quiltedtime said...

Your drawing is SO SWEET! You are going to have so much fun at your class. I envy you.

Magnolia Tea said...

Again, this is such a cute idea! I love the heart music notes and the glasses and the shawl and the cornstalks and the bike and .... well, I just love it all!