Monday, June 10, 2013

Starting scalloped and embroidered borders

Got 8 of the 24 red borders turned and ironed on Sat.  There will be 4 of six different reds that are already in the quilt. No sewing on Sunday-visited a friend from our support group who has been in the hospital a month waiting for a heart.  He is stir crazy-he also happens to be our insurance agent.  We were quite surprised when he walked into our support meeting a month ago.  I am anxious to get HSH done now that I am getting close.

Quilting Galaxies today at Quilter's Paradise-yay!

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Quiltedtime said...

You never know where your paths will cross again with people you know for a different venue. I hope your friend's surgery and recovery goes well.

I love your swags. They remind me of a quilt I made many years ago. The center was just a basic log cabin quilt, but the swags really made it look great.