Monday, June 17, 2013

2014 Opportunity Quilt

I am almost done with my square for the quilt.  After the workshop I have 6 kits to hand out to ladies who want to help at the Back Country Quilter's meeting on Wednesday.  I thought if we got all the pieces ironed under (freezer paper method with starch) and glued onto the background fabric it would be easier to get people to help sew.  It seems to be working=people took them as we were working on them at the quilt store-nice!
Still need to embroider some swirls, sew down 1 leaf and 6 berries-the squirrel eventually will have a black button eye.

Lastly, I spent a few hours on one side of the border for the Mary Lou Weidman inspired quilt that will be totally my own design-well except for Mary Lou's cow,  My "Your Love is Moosic to my Ears" quilt.

Left or right side border - the 6 square blocks are4.5 square with a 1/2" sashing on both sides-Star is 5.5 square and will be on each corner.

One end-orange is not a color I usually use but this wall hanging will be hung in the fall because our anniversary is in the fall-so orange works!

Left end-will have a star added

My border is much more restrained than Mary Lou's -not sure I can totally cross over-but I am going to try to at least put a toe over the line. This quilt is going to be fun!


Quiltedtime said...

I am enjoying the variety of styles in your work. Lucky you to get to do the squirrel!

Magnolia Tea said...

Love the squirrel and pumpkins. Clever trick preparing & gluing the pieces down for the quilters.
We're starting to heat up here in the South, can't wait for fall already. Have a great day.