Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lots Done-farther behind!

I have friends that can limit themselves to one quilt at a time.  How do they do that?  I was so excited to get Galaxies finished and my plan was to then hurry and complete Home Sweet Home (which is on my design wall):

I need to finish 24 swags-I have 8
completed for HSH

 And then Michele Foster from Quilting Gallery has a Quilt Along for a beautiful quilt that she designed:


 And I had to join it.  She has great tutorials and I thought I could use all the leftover fabric from Home Sweet Home-

Materials chosen for Aiming for Accuracy Quilt and background fabric cut and marked (in baggie)
so, I really was economizing and being a good steward over my materials.  Well, maybe over my materials but not over my time because, you see-I am taking the Mary Lou Weidman 2 day class in a couple of weeks and I wanted to get the top constructed to the Cow/sheep wall hanging I am making to go into her Cow quilt show (for my husband's and my 44th anniversary).  I have been making Hoochy Mama blocks for the border waiting for the book  to arrive that has the cow pattern in it (Out of the Box with Easy Blocks).  I have found that cutting and hanging borders and binding behind my door on my shoe rack/supply holder saves me time and keeps me from losing them-One and a third borders done and all corner blocks complete.

Hoochy Mama block making area

Fabric for cow quilt center-One wild cow quilt!

So, it would seem that I have inadvertently started 2 more quilts without finishing what I needed to finish-this isn't even counting the 2 pieces I need to do for actual money or the bedroom pieces for my sweet granddaughters.  YIKES!!!!!!!!!  I need to join UFO Anonymous.  I think, today, I will clean my workspace, make another priority list and pledge to sew 3 hours a day for the rest of my life!

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