Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ranting Helped

Whew!  Just getting all my anxiety down on the blog this morning helped me to focus and get busy.  I realized that the Aiming for Accuracy quilt has due dates once a week-I am going to save Thursdays for working on it until done.  I can do that. My first assignment only took 1 1/2 hours and I love to cut so it was fun.

My due date for Home Sweet Home is mid Sept.  I have time to get that done.  I worked on the Your Love is Moosic quilt today-what a blast.  This quilt will have a lot of things added to it but I got a big chunk of the body done today-still need a ewe, corn stalks,  musical notes and 1/2 a border to have the basics-that is all that needs to be done before I go to my class in July.  I am going to get that done this week and blanket stitch it down on my machine-then I can start playing with all the fun things and get it done before Sept 1.  The time just flew today because I wasn't following a pattern too closely and so was able to stay in that right brain:).  I don't think I have any left brain left-that is what Greg is for.

Since I am fashioning this bull to represent my Harley driving husband-I think I got the legs right on!  The hooves will be sewn down on the border so the bull escapes the box of the quilt a little. The black is the start of his Harley Jacket. The legs, body and ears are all Kaffe Fassett fabrics

The vertical borders are the Hoochy Mama blocks, the horizontal are the plain squares-they will have writing and an appliqued vine on them.

 Originally I thought it was going to be 24x36 but it will be closer to 56x58 so, I had to dismantle the side borders and add some blocks.


Quiltedtime said...

Oh my, my! I love the fabric you chose for the hooves. Is that perfect or what?

Ditto on the left brain. I am so ready to retire that side and live in the right brain only.

Magnolia Tea said...

What a great looking Harley bull. Kay is right - that fabric is perfect for the hooves and the tail bob, too.