Sunday, July 14, 2013


I am going to Seattle mid August. I need to take 2 sets of curtains and a baby quilt.  I also need to finish Home Sweet Home and My Cow quilt by Mid September.  Lastly, the wedding tree is due back to the customer in a week or 2, so, I need to prioritize.  I finished the block for the quilt along (check out the Aim for Accuracy button on the right side of my blog) today-it is 21.5x21.5 and I might use the design for the baby quilt for Sloanie.

I don't love all the pink in it-but I do love that I am using up materials that were left over from Home Sweet Home.  Sashing was off a tiny bit but points were all on and it was exactly 21.5 and I didn't have to trim anything to get it that way.  Wendy Mathson's Dragonfly ruler is amazing.

Then I spent a few hours on "Your Love is Moosic to My Ears".  I got all the applique pieces stitched down and two of the borders attached-I need to put it away now until I finish the curtains, baby blanket, Wedding Tree and Home Sweet Home.

Still needs a lot of things added: Lamb needs face thread painted, hooves and a quilt shawl. Bull needs Harley jacket finished, WW11 bomber hat, nose, hay in mouth.  Then I need to add 2 corn stalks, 3 more notes, and somehow get the back tire in there-I'm seeing it!  Then, when that is done, I need to embroider the title and a verse on the last 2 borders.

I love those eyes!!!


Quiltedtime said...

Everything looks so nice! Unfortunately, I understand about the need to prioritize. If it were up to me, I would rather just play and forget about those pesky deadlines.

Magnolia Tea said...

I'm enamored with your cow quilt. It's really looking great!